Fitness Tips You Need For Your Twenties

Single-Leg_Deadlift_ZhangQingyunPhotographed by Nathan Martin; Illustrated by Zhang Qingyun.
We'd like to begin by saying we have a seriously difficult time getting ourselves to workout — especially in the winter. So, when we do manage to peel ourselves off the couch and onto some sort of exercise equipment, we want to make sure we're getting the most bang for our buck. Or, ya know, the best workout we can for what little time we're able to commit that day. If you're in need of some gymspiration, Women's Health has put together a list of 15 fitness habits you should cultivate in your twenties.
Among these is the reminder that you need to be drinking a lot of water — and not just when you're gym. Keep a bottle at your desk and refill when empty, girl. And, though many of us rely on running for our cardio routine, you should really switch things up every so often. Women's Health recommends going to some of those random classes that sound terrifying (hello, aerial yoga). But, if you do plan on keeping up the running, definitely invest in some real running shoes.
Head over to Women's Health to see all 15 tips. One bit of good news? You should embrace a day of rest. Now you're talkin'. (Women's Health)

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