A Dumb Starbucks Opens In L.A. — Want A Dumb Frappuccino?

jpeg-2-Recovered (2)Photo: Courtesy of KPCC.
Here's a Monday head-scratcher for you: Over the weekend, a faux Starbucks aptly dubbed "Dumb Starbucks" opened up in Los Feliz, and there's more than a little confusion surrounding it. The shop was giving away free drinks all weekend, with tons of people lining up to nab specialty drinks like the "Dumb Iced Coffee" and "Dumb Espresso."
So, who's behind it? Is it a reality TV stunt or a legitimate business? No word yet, but you bet we're curious to find out.
According to the store's FAQ, they claim the setup is legal because of the fair use law. In other words, they say it's not copyright infringement because it's a parody, which is protected under the law. But, is adding a single word to the trademark enough to make it an actual parody? Mull it over in the comments and let us know what you think the deal is. Whoever guesses the real story gets a prize! (But not really.) (KPCC)

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