Social Media Week: The Best Follow-Up To NYFW


Do you use social media? (Ha, just kidding. Of course you do.) Well, get ready, because Social Media Week is about to begin its annual tour of New York City and we’re here to give you the lowdown — and discounted admission. The week includes hobnobbing with, and presentations from, the trailblazers in tech. And, this isn’t just a week of workshops: The events include classes from SoulCycle and Breathe Repeat, as well as a
fashion show of wearable tech and a case study on #hashtags.

A sampling of some of the companies represented? Twitter, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and Warby Parker, and that’s just the beginning. Why not do yourself a favor and head over to Eventbrite to grab your Campus pass, which includes access to all of the workshops, plus some pretty sweet coupons for vendors like Uber and Yoga Shanti. Make sure to use the code “30DCAPROMOREFINERY29” at checkout and we’ll see you there!