The Sochi Opening Ceremonies Were Totally Crazy

1Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
By now you've probably heard: The Sochi Olympics are kind of whack. At the very least, they're rife with controversy. Besides all the discrimination issues, there's the fact that press hotels aren't ready and nobody seems to have clean drinking water. So, tonight's opening ceremonies were under quite the watchful eye. While everything seems to have gone off without a hitch, the whole show was certainly a little...weird.
It kicked off with a bizarre video highlighting Russia's famous accomplishments — think animated clips of Catherine the Great, Tchaikovsky, and the space station. Oh, and a CGI version of a little girl running through the periodic table. Once the real-life portion of the evening got started, a little girl flew around the stadium as different landscapes of Russia flashed.
The only minor hiccup was when five giant snowflakes were supposed to transform into the Olympic rings and only four of them actually made it. You can check out the replay on NBC tonight, but check out the video on Gawker if you're far too impatient for that. (Gawker)

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