Imogen Poots Gives Amazing Dating Advice

Imogen Poots might be some sort of magical fairy creature. It isn't just her naturally glowing skin or lovely British purr; it's that, both on screen and off, there is always something going on just beneath the surface. She speaks as if she just thought of something, letting the listener feel as if they are being let in on a big secret. Talking to her is like talking to your best friend — if your best friend was one of the coolest up-and-coming actresses around.
Imogen's got a full slate ahead of her: She's starring in the adaptation of Nick Hornby's beloved A Long Way Down, which is also Aaron Paul's first big dramatic turn since Breaking Bad. Then, again with Paul, she'll be baring her action chops in Need For Speed. But it's her role as Zac Efron's messy, smart, witty love interest in the millennial rom-com That Awkward Moment that proves Poots' potential as a leading lady, one who can go toe-to-toe with the humor and "guy"-ness of Efrom, Miles Teller, and our boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.
Poots talks getting ready for the red carpet and dodging paparazzi...which is what happens when one fake dates Zac Efron, obviously. And she talks about dating as a young person in Hollywood, which apparently is a lot like dating as a young person outside of Hollywood. Surprise!
That Awkward Moment is out this Friday.

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