Watch An 11-Year-Old Kate Middleton Perform In My Fair Lady

In the great tradition of British muckraking, the Daily Mail somehow tracked down a video of an 11-year-old Kate Middleton performing in a play at St. Andrew's School in 1993. Now, if this were your video, it would feature you sporting braces, sweating, and stumbling your way through a backup-dancer role in Pippin. This, however, is the future Duchess of Cambridge's video. Thus being the case, it shows her 100% killing it as Eliza Doolittle, the starring role, in My Fair Lady.
Towering over her male costars, Middleton's cockney is a little overextended, but else wise, she's in perfect form — poised and adorable. It needs to be noted that her wardrobe here more than meets her current royal standards. She could rock that hat tomorrow if she wanted to.
Oh, and who's that playing Doolittle's love interest, Freddy Eynsford-Hill, alongside her? Why, it's Andrew Alexander, who you might remember as Sir John Bullock getting all drunk and handsy with Rose at the Lotus Club in this season's Downton Abbey. Even at 11, Kate was working with BBC-costume-drama-quality actors in her school plays.
Yes, folks, Kate Middleton was once 11, just like all of us. But, even when she was 11, she wasn't quite like all of us. (Daily Mail)
Video: Courtesy Daily Mail.

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