Red-Carpet Photobombs Have Become Self-Aware

For the last few award-show cycles, photobombs have been accidental occurrences borne out of the silliness of Jennifer Lawrence. The video evidence — usually taken by side cameras — was coveted and turned into GIFs by any and every media outlet. But, today, on the Grammys red carpet, things jumped the shark just a bit. First of all, Ryan Seacrest used up valuable interview time to show Taylor Swift a video of Jennifer Lawrence photobombing her. Then, Chrissy Teigen posted a photo of herself and John Legend with the caption "one can only be so lucky to get a nph photobomb":
Now, we have to ask one thing. People say that if a tree falls in a forest but nobody hears it, the existence of noise is, well, debatable. Conversely, if a photobomb happens and the victim notices it right away, does it even count? We're not so sure. What we do know is that these are trying times, and gray areas abound.

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