This Recess Workout Isn't Child's Play

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Reebok Sports Club.
For some of us, gym class was a form of torture from which we'll never recover. For others, it was the best part of the school day, when you could run, play, and burn off excess energy with a few jumping jacks. For Eva Pelegrin, it's the inspiration behind the Recess exercise class she teaches on Sunday mornings at the Reebok Sports Club/NY on New York City's Upper West Side.
Before you lace up your sneaks, note that this "recess" doesn't involve jungle gyms or being chased by the cute boys in class. Instead, Pelegrin leads a female-heavy class through childhood exercises like running in place, skipping, and wheelbarrows. "As kids, our only agenda was fun,” she says. “We’re trying to bring the fun back into movement.”
Though playful elements like mimicking animal poses are present, the workout is reportedly intense and exhausting. Medicine balls are incorporated into relay races, and the drills consist of squats, lunges, and push-ups. Still, writer Julia Lawlor says she left the class feeling "spent but oddly energized," which, as far as workouts go, is pretty much as good a testimonial as any. The class is free for Reebok members or $35 for a day pass with an existing member.
Ready to give it a go? Or, did Coach Compton scar you for life? (The New York Times)

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