How To Tell If You're Normal — According To Esquire

1Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Are you a dude? If not, do you know any dudes? If you answered yes to either question, you probably want to know whether you — or the guys you know — are normal. Wondering if you're a weirdo is an age-old problem (kind of), and Esquire is here to solve that quagmire once and for all.
The mag asked 1,000 men all kinds of questions, from what kind of TV shows they like watching to whether they ever have, er, stage fright. They then cataloged all the results and rated the responses from completely normal to not normal at all. That allows other guys to match their answers against average (or not-so-average) American men. This might all seem a little judgmental and compartmentalizing, but it's also kind of fun.
Does your BF get hungry at parties? He's not alone. Do you constantly Irish exit? You might actually be alone. We also learned that a ton of guys fart in public, wear moisturizer, and cry. Head over to Esquire to see all the fascinating results. (Esquire)

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