Skateboarding Cat Is Our New Favorite Thing

Are you ready to be totally blown away by awesomeness? Seriously — the coolness of this latest viral video might actually be too much to handle. Yes, this is Skateboarding Cat.
Who is Skateboarding Cat, you ask? Why, she's a four-legged feline named Didga who lives in Australia and skateboards all the live long day. The talented kitty's owner posted an adorable mashup of her free-wheelin' life.
She skateboards past the beach, she skateboards through town, and she even skateboards while doing tricks. And, not just any old tricks — we're talking poppin' wheelies and jumping over dogs. Even those who claim, "I don't like cats" will find it hard not to crack a smile thanks to this little critter. Seriously, we dare you to watch this video with a straight face. Go Didga, go! (BuzzFeed)

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