Hey, Blue Eyes: These Eyeshadows Are For You

Despite 40 years of beauty evolution, and the sudden popularity of American Hustle, blue eyeshadow can’t seem to shake its bad-looks-of-the-seventies stigma. So, imagine our surprise, nay, our shock, when celebrity makeup artists Kelsey Deenihan and Dawn Broussard told us that blue eyeshadow can not only create a modern look, but that it can complement blue eyes too.
“Contrary to popular belief, blue eyeshadow can be used on blue eyes — you simply need to create the right combination,” says Broussard. So, how do we know exactly which shades of blue will create the right look, and evoke the truest of blues in our eyes, like Elizabeth Taylor?
While we were exploring this question, we decided to go all out and find the eyeshadow colors that work best with blue eyes, in general. Blue was just a jumping point. Read on as Deenihan and Broussard share their favorite eyeshadow picks — along with some superstar-worthy application techniques.
Photo: MCV/Firstview.

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