Ouch! Fitbit Force Causing Major Skin Reactions

mainPhoto: Via Fitbit.
When we’re on a mission to get our sexy back, we look to our techie fitness bands to help us count calories burned and stairs climbed. However, many users are claiming the Fitbit Force is giving them drastic skin reactions that are anything but seductive. Customers have complained that after a few weeks of wearing the wristlets, their arms developed severe rashes, blisters, and peeling diagnosed as contact dermatitis. Yikes!
The folks over at Fitbit say the device’s clasp contains surgical-grade stainless steel, commonly found in our jewelry boxes, may be to blame. Although, the same ingredient is also used in the company’s other products — and none of which have caused the same irritation. Something is obviously not right here. Luckily, Fitbit is offering full refunds or product exchanges for those affected.
For now, why not try one of these other gadgets to get those MObama arms by February. (Huffington Post)

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