Why Russian-Speaking Cats Are The Best Cats

There is something in the water in the former Soviet Union. Or, at least, the water that is specifically being consumed by cats. Have you noticed? Aside from Maru (of Japanese descent), many of the most amazing (though not the most watched) cat videos are in Russian. Of course, they have statistics on their side — with such a vast swath of land, there are bound to be many truly incredible cats. But, it's not just their looks. It's in their attitude.
Take this young fellow here, who we discovered on YouTube today. This is exactly the kind of relaxed demeanor we're hoping to adopt in 2014. He's attentive and focused. He always meets your gaze. And, yet, there's not even a hint of stress about him. He reminds one of an Albus Dumbledore type, with that piercing gaze and serene cloak of calm. Look, we'll shut up about it. Just watch. You'll understand.

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