10 Golden Globes Instagrams That'll Cure Your Hollywood FOMO

The good ol' step-and-repeat of red carpets are fun and all, but the real magic of award shows happens away from the paparazzi. Thanks to social media, fangirls and boys now get to experience shows like the Golden Globes from their favorite celebrity's eyes. It might sound a little lofty, but it's these images that bring the stars down from their pedestals and humanize them. They function as a "Look! Celebrities are just like us" kind of experience without having to announce it in big, bold letters.
Last night's Golden Globe awards provided a bevy of humorous and heart-warming Instagrams and TwitPics. The whole event felt like a regular party between the Golden Globes' official profile to Aubrey Plaza's (a.k.a. the self-proclaimed Evil Hag) Twitter — aside from, you know, all the fancy-pants gowns, sparkly things, and bigwig names rubbing elbows with other bigwig names. We all might as well have been boozing with the best of 'em. Maybe one day we'll be throwing up deuces and duck faces alongside Zoe Saldana, but until then, we have these snaps to daydream about.

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