The J Lawr Photobomb Just Got Even Better

During your oscillation between TV coverage of the Golden Globes, you probably missed two very important things. And, as you may have guessed, they both involve Jennifer Lawrence. The first is that J Lawr reportedly told Taylor Swift that she just wanted to "push her down the stairs." (Why? But also, why not?) But, the second and far more important thing is this Vine of the actress unintentionally (?) photobombing Swift's interview with E!.
Notice the way Lawrence recognizes her interruption. You'll remember that very look from any moment in your life where you've accidentally walked in on an event you definitely were not supposed to be witnessing. What's beautiful about Lawrence's mistake, though, is the way she seamlessly morphs it into a creeper-style movement and walks up the stairs anyway. And, though many a red-carpet starlet goes for the chicken-wing pose, Lawrence has adopted the T-Rex arms and claws in this moment. If there's anything we've learned from award shows, it's that J Lawr + stairs = everything.

Photo: REX USA/David Fisher.

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