Yep, It Happened: The Burrito Vending Machine Is Here

embed-burritoPhoto: Courtesy of Burrito Box.
Hey, don't get us wrong — we know cravings come with dire urgency. Whatever it is, you want it now, and you don't want to work that hard for it. Of course, we know all about calling your coffee shop two minutes before you arrive just so you can save yourself those two extra, wretched java-less minutes. Heck, we've even bowed out of a too-long Pinkberry line because the Ben & Jerry's across the street (which we didn't want nearly as much) appeared to be a little less crowded.
But, as with everything else in this world, there are limits to our need for instant gratification. And, from what we can tell, a big, orange vending machine that spits out hot, greasy burritos doesn't seem like it would fall within the parameters of grub we find acceptable — no matter how intense our craving for Mexican food may be. But, apparently, not everyone shares our first impression of Burrito Box, the "first ever burrito kiosk." In fact, this first burrito-dispensing machine was just launched at a gas station in West Hollywood, but, as its website states, there are already plans to position additional outposts throughout the city. That said, we should mention the part about it being 100% natural and free of hormones or antibiotics, which we've gotta admit seems pretty nice.
So, maybe, we're the crazy ones. After all, is the quality really that different from what you'll get from an old-fashioned drive-through? Maybe not. But, then again, In-N-Out is pretty much the sole drive-through we fully stand behind — and that's not exactly your typical drive-through. (Los Angeles Times)

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