The New York Times Gets A Snazzy New Look

embed2014.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of The New York Times.
Today, The New York Times unveiled a first peek at its website redesign, and you can color us impressed. As a digital company, we understand the significance of evolving our look once in a while, and we love that our friends at the Times have the same attitude.
So, what did they change? The reboot, which will officially go live January 8, features a sleek and no-fuss appearance so you can focus on the important stuff (re: the news). Articles have enabled endless scroll, so there won't be any interruptions, either. As for comments, that section has been expanded to ensure that feedback from readers is valued and easy to access. You'll see an emphasis on photojournalism as well, now that images can be enlarged without clicking away from the story you're reading. Two more cool new features include breaking-news alerts that will hover at the top of each page as stories develop and a horizontal scroll bar that can guide you to more content.
We're excited to see it in full later this week, but until then you can get a first look at the redesign here. And, for an added treat, check out the visual evolution of The New York Times website in GIF form, courtesy of Mashable. The images go all the way back to 2001, and it's clear that the Times has certainly come a long way. (Mashable)

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