Tegan And Sara's Workout Playlist Will Thaw You Out

teganandsara-bigPhoto: Courtesy Warner Bros.
We just checked and — yep — it is exactly -237° outside. Tad nippy, innit? Well, dears, when the mercury plunges this low, it's the perfect time to find yourself a stairmaster and work up some heat of your own.
Just in time for your next trip to the gym (or perhaps your next in-front-of-the-mirror dance sesh), comes a fairly toasty playlist from your friends and ours Tegan and Sara.
Now, we've all witnessed the twins' smooth transition from cute, lovable indie phenoms to cute, lovable dance-pop phenoms, so it shouldn't come as much surprise that the sisters' playlist is fairly heavy in the beats department. Hot Chip, Deadmau5, and, of course, Miley, figure big here — but there's a little Paramore for those who need their guitars. So, you've got all you need to work up a mean sweat tonight. Just bundle up on your way back from the gym.

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