This Designer's Inspiration? Gowanus Pollution

The mark of a true artist is being able to find beauty in any and every setting. And, though we're just getting to know designer Gabrielle Mandel and her label Supra Endura, we can trust that this quality is reflected in everything she touches. Indeed, the young designer is inspired not by travels far and wide, but from scenes as seemingly pedestrian and familiar as pollution in the Gowanus.
Mandel already has an impressive resume — she's designed for both J.Crew and Rebecca Minkoff — and we're expecting a lot from her second collection (fall '14). She has a sophisticated eye and a penchant for juxtaposing "odd concepts" with clever skill. Chatting with Brooklyn Magazine, she describes one print from her spring '14 range as "a mash-up of a wilted flower and a landfill." Garbage never looked so good
Not only good lookin', but good doin', Mandel is donating sales of the print to a foundation that provides job training for homeless New Yorkers. Similarly, proceeds from a static-inspired print will benefit a foundation that provides supplies in public schools. Supra Endura or super designer? Either way, she's making NYC proud. (Brooklyn Magazine)
mPhoto: Via Brooklyn Mag.

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