The Selfie Olympics Have Arrived, & Everyone Wins Gold

selfiemainimage: via twitter.
It may not have snagged the coveted title of Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year (science, for whatever reason, took the prize in 2013), but the selfie is alive and well in Y2K14. To maintain its shelf life and preserve its sacred social integrity in the new year, a trend called The Selfie Olympics has been established on Twitter.
As we begin on the road to Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Games, the timing of the Selfie Olympics is excellent. The rules are simple: You must take the photo in a bathroom, a classic selfie location, and you must use a prop. How you stage and style the shoot is completely up to you. So far, we have seen a fishing selfie, a giant Pikachu, and a, we kid you not, "grandpa's gettin' it" selfie.
This is a very promising new meme. Once the actual Olympics begin in early February, athletes will hopefully participate in this new phenomenon. Because, really, who loses at the Selfie Olympics? (Gawker)

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