"Flatulent Poodle" & Other Wonderfully Bad Nail Polish Names

nail varnish embedPhoto: Courtesy of Gemma Correll.
Jail Bait. Milf. Scallywag. Gone are the days of elegantly simple nomenclature — many of the nail polishes that land on our desks have some pretty special names, that's for sure.
So, when we saw this illustration of Less Popular Nail Varnish Color by Gemma Correll, we found it totally relevant to our interests. It's kind of hysterical, and not all that far off-base. With names like Yesterday's Broccoli and Cheap Ham, this hits just close enough to home to have us feeling slightly embarrassed about the weirdo colors we love. And, sure, there's not a nail polish named Dandruff Shimmer, but it feels inevitable. Summer 2014, anyone?
Our favorite, of course, is Flatulent Poodle. As there are multiple poodle moms on our team, we tend to find their tiny toots endearing. We're thinking someone should hire this artist to name real polishes, stat.

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