50 Amazing Women, 50 Hilarious Quotes

Post-holiday blues, much? We know that ushering in a new year is an exciting time, but we just can't seem to get out of the back-to-work fog. Maybe it's the fact that our alarm came earlier than ever, or we're bummed about the passing of Christmas, or this massive blizzard barreling down on us, but we needed something to pull us out of our funk.
It's our own personal motto that laughter cures (almost) everything, so we turned to our favorite funny ladies to cheer us up. A good joke is just what the doctor ordered, and we've got fifty — count 'em, fifty! — hilarious quotes from Hollywood's most quick-witted women. From Tina Fey to Lena Dunham to Sarah Silverman, the following slideshow will pull you out of your mid-winter misery faster than a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a bottle of pinot. Click through for irreverent insights, off-kilter musings, and general hilarity.

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