All Hail His Holiness Michael R. Bloomberg

bloombergembedPhoto: REX USA/Erik Pendzich.
On this day, we stand in awe to celebrate the Grace and Poise of thine Mayor, O, little town of New York City. He presideth over our venerable 7-train extension with words of wisdom and he welcometh us into his green glow when we are weary. May his halo be ever the light that guideth us in our darkest hour. May his hollow cheek be the pillow upon which we lay our sleep-deprived heads. May our sodas never exceedeth a size he deem unseemly. Should his Son, thine sandy-haired mystic by name of Bill DeBlasio, one day seek to don the neon crown that illuminates the Path, may it rest with beauteous lightness upon his pate. O Bloomberg, our Bloomberg, shalt thou not shareth with the commonfolk the wisdom that lead ye to seek a tie of matching hue to thine crown?
Jokes aside, if you want to read a bit more about one of Bloomberg's last completed projects while in office (re: the 7-train extension), this article may be of service.