Can Yoga Make You Better At Walking In Heels?

There have been scores of studies showing the negative effects of wearing heels on a woman's body, but one yoga instructor claims it's less about the footwear and more about the wearer. "I get trashed for saying that heels aren't bad for you," Yamuna Zake, who teaches a yoga class devised to strengthen your feet and make them more heels-friendly, told The Daily Beast. "Your feet should be able to do whatever you want, just like any other part of your body. You go to the gym and exercise numerous parts of your body — why don't you do that to your feet? They should be the strongest, most flexible part of your body."
Admittedly, we're not sure if Zake can train our feet to take on a side gig knitting small sweaters for pets while we're at work (whatever we want, right?). But, she does claim she's able to teach our feet to walk in high heels without pain. Does it work? To find out, click through to follow this Daily Beast reporter as she takes Zake's class and works toward finally being able to last a night in her six-inch, single-sole, Louboutin stilettos. (The Daily Beast)

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