Apple’s Siri Is All Jacked Up On Holiday Joy

siri-logo_bodyImage: Courtesy Apple.
By now, Siri, that little digital minx hiding inside the iPhone, is a bona fide celebrity. After all, if she's not reminding us that our next turn is in 100 feet, she's creating memes with her wisecracks and inspiring one of our favorite movies of the year. Despite being intangible and inanimate, she's quite the media fixture.
So, naturally, like the Kardashian clan, Siri is celebrating the holiday season with a little gift to all her users. Since she can't pose for a card like other celebs, she's added a few new answers to her repertoire of quirky rejoinders.
To start off with, ask her how many days there are until Christmas. After you've done that, quiz her about Santa: if he exists; where he lives; or if he's coming this year. Better yet, she has some pretty strong opinions on whether you've been naughty or nice. (She's accurate on that one.)
Now, we know that this is all a big marketing ploy from Apple's Cupertino elves, but, honestly, when ploys are this charming, it's hard not to smile and wish your smartphone a happy holiday.

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