Spike Jonze's New Her Trailer Will Make You Feel Feelings

Welcome to the bittersweet future. Here is the second trailer for Her, Spike Jonze's upcoming sci-fi romance in which Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a lonely man who falls in love with his computer. The operating system, voiced by Scarlett Johansson, is sultry and smooth, and perhaps everything his character might want from a woman: She's patient, inquisitive, and caring. But, she's also completely without a physical presence. It'll be interesting to see how the movie spins that. Can a man shift his focus from the bodily woman and fall in love only with her personality and intellect? Or is her lack of physicality another version of the headless woman syndrome prevalent in mainstream advertising?
In any case, Rooney Mara, who plays Phoenix's ex, is a little miffed that she's apparently turned him off human females. And, hey, we might be, too.
Her hits theaters on January 10. (Vulture)

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