How Can Movies Top Anchorman 2's Marketing Takeover?

Ahead of today's release, Anchorman 2 — and more specifically Ron Burgundy — has been everywhere. Look, there's Ron hawking Dodge Durangos. There he is again, reading the news in North Dakota. Oh, and now he's taking over Emerson College. It could be said that the movie's oversaturation has ushered in a new era of movie marketing. No longer is it sufficient to simply play trailers for your movies and put your stars on the cover of InStyle. Now, films — and their publicity — need to be all-encompassing and almost invasive.
Anchorman 2's writer and director, Adam Mckay, who led the charge for the Ron Burgundy takeover, thinks that's not entirely possible. "I don't know how you could do it with other movies," he told us. "Everyone's been saying that this is a new way to market movies, but you can't have, say, Jake Gyllenhaal from Prisoners going into morgues or something. There's really rarely a character where this works like Ron Burgundy, but even with that Will's not that strategic about it. He just really loves doing this stuff, and if it makes him laugh he'll do it."
We, however, are thinking big. We're pretty sure that even if movies can't reach the level of Ron Burgundy invading our living rooms at all hours of the day, they're probably going to try. So, we've saved the studios some of their highly paid time and brainstormed the most outrageous ways to up the marketing game. Ahead, some of the 2014 movies we're most looking forward to — and how they can take over the world. Be warned, though, because outlandish and obnoxious hijinks abound.

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