How To Keep Your Holiday Eye Makeup From Budging — Seriously

We, like you, have achieved eye makeup that would technically qualify as “the bomb.” We know the pleasures of looking fully prepared to slay ‘em. Bring it on, Instagram: #Nofilter, indeed.
We, like you, have also felt the sting of dismay when what was once a sick smoky eye is now a five-alarm beauty disaster, gorgeous photo dreams destroyed. #Nofilter? How about no photographs, please?
Fiercely determined to stop the madness, we asked celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow to guide us to smudge-proof holiday eye magic. And, just like that, Turnbow dropped some science for eye makeup that simply will not quit.
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Watch the eye cream.
While we’re fans of a good eye cream, we understand Turnbow's advice to hold off until bedtime to apply it. “Eye cream can contribute to things budging and moving around,” she says. “If you need hydration under the eye, go with a hydrating gel formula. Otherwise, keep your eyes void of anything slippery that won’t dry and/or set quickly.” Evidently, dry eye skin helps you avoid tears of dismay later.
Skip the primer, head for the concealer.
Turnbow is not necessarily impressed with primers. “I would say don’t worry about [them]. Go for the combination of long-wearing gel makeup paired with long-lasting, oil-free concealer instead.” She’s a fan of Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer for a waterproof base that conceals while hydrating. “A good concealer that lasts can usually hold eye makeup in place, versus creamier primer products that might smudge along with the makeup.”
Choose oil-free everything.
“Go for water-based gel formulas (shadows, liners and mascaras) rather than oil-based formulas; they’re less likely to run or separate,” advises Turnbow. “'Smudge sticks have that name for a reason.” She raves about Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliners for their range of color and stay-put formulas. “They’re so cost-effective, you can buy them in multiples and stash them everywhere.”
Smudge-proof mascara prevents 'raccoon eye.'
Turnbow blames your lower lashline for the undone undereye mess that appears minutes after you leave the house. “It’s usually mascara on the lower lashes that cause those dark circles under the eyes," she warns. "I always use smudge-proof formulas that stay put once you put them into place to avoid that problem.” Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara Volume Mascara and Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash are two permanent red-carpet problem-solvers in her kit.
263998_481368358569495_946541287_nPhoto: Courtesy of Tina Turnbow.
Setting sprays are a holiday makeup miracle.
Turnbow is a big fan of makeup-setting sprays for long-lasting makeup looks. “The All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay is a great solution for keeping your makeup stable and stationary.” Spritz it on your finished makeup look and you’re ready for the night.
Don’t forget liquid liners.
When in doubt, go old-school with a liquid liner. “People often forget the long-lasting power of a good liquid liner. Lancôme 24-Hour Bold Color Precision Artliner is the longest-wearing eyeliner I’ve ever used. It comes in gorgeous colors and it really, really works.”
Shadow over liner = eyes that stay put.
Turnbow dropped a red-carpet trick on us for vivid liner that lasts: “If you set colored liner by applying a complementary long-wearing eyeshadow color over it, it not only intensifies the color, but it helps the eyeliner stay put by setting it.” Our liners and shadows are now coupled off for the holidays. Seriously, we’re in.
Set your look with translucent powder. A good, finely milled translucent powder like Turnbow's favorite, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, is another red-carpet magic tool. A bit around the eye sets makeup while it brightens up the area for photos. Just be sparing or it can go wrong really fast. “Too much powder really scares me — it’s just so unnatural looking and really unforgiving,” Turnbow says.
When in doubt, carry Q-tips.
"You can always do a quick touch-up before photos," Turnbow says. Our purse is packed, and with these tips, we think we’re ready to handle the holiday makeup season. Watch out, Instagram...Here we come.

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