Butterfinger Releases Peanut-Butter Cups, '90s Are Back-er Than Ever

butterfinger-horizontalPhoto: Courtesy of Butterfinger.
Some news is so important, we don't even know how to emphasize it correctly. If you were here, we might try an interpretive dance or spontaneous musical symphony to describe the excitement we felt when we heard about this development. Butterfinger has created its own version of the peanut-butter cup.
Can you hear the music? A candy innovation this intuitive makes us wonder how we lived so long without it. Of course, there should be more Butterfinger in this world, and obviously it should be in cup form. These slightly square-edged confections are, in a word, necessary. They combine that creamy, salty-sweetness we know and love in those other peanut-butter cups, but also include a little texture. You know that signature crunch of a Butterfinger bar, cracking through the air with the memory of after-school playdates and Halloween parties of yore.
We sampled the goods earlier this month (jealous much?) and got to chat up the Butterfinger team to ask the hard-hitting questions:
Why cups? Why now? How did this miraculous product come to be?
"People don’t always want a full-size Butterfinger candy bar. Lots of people love just a little bit of Butterfinger on their favorite snacks or desserts. We saw this happening everywhere: The Butterfinger blizzard at Dairy Queen is very popular, and there are tons of recipes on Pinterest. So, we brainstormed new ideas for things that could have just “a dose of Butterfinger” in it. That’s how we came up with Butterfinger Cups. It’s the classic peanut butter cup with a dose of Butterfinger."
How are these different from those other cups out there?
"They are very different. These cups have the unique taste, texture, color, and personality of Butterfinger. They are smooth AND crunchy."
Many of us at Refinery29 associate Butterfinger with our '90s youth. Do you see candy trends reflecting the '90s nostalgia wave?
"Not necessarily the '90s, but nostalgia is important for candy, especially during certain holidays or season. Most of us share their love for certain candy with their friends and kids during Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter, for example."

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