Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animals — Spread The Disapproval This Holiday Season

grumpycatPhoto: Courtesy of Ripple Junction.
In September 2012, a Reddit user posted photos of an angry-looking snowshoe cat. Her name was Tard (short for Tardar Sauce, of course), and she was simply born that way, due to feline dwarfism and an underbite. Given the Internet's history with cats, it wasn't long before Tard became an online icon, a magazine cover star, Webby recipient, and the subject of a million parody memes.
Fortunately for culture, Grumpy Cat's human parents, the Bundesens, and "Internet meme talent manager" Ben Lashes have wasted no time building the Grumpy Cat franchise to shocking heights. There's already been a best-selling book, a clothing line, a Friskies deal, and scene-stealing cameo at SXSW Interactive, where Tard beat out pioneering engineer/Hyperloop creator Elon Musk and Al Gore for the main tech-world attraction. There even might be a movie. But, what's missing? Plush toys, of course. Not any longer, though: They've arrived just in time for the holidays — in three different varieties, too, including one by the iconic Gund toy brand. Find them at Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and ToyWiz. Now you know what to get your favorite meme fanatic (or, really, anyone) for the holidays!

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