Orlane’s New Anti-Aging Treatment Might Be A Game Changer

orlane embedPhoto: Courtesy of Orlane.
There are certain luxury beauty products not worth their price, and we're usually the first to call them out. However, Orlane's newest anti-aging innovation isn't one of them.
B21 Extraordinaire purportedly repairs the damage done to skin cells by the natural aging process. In other words, it "resets" your skin cells to a more youthful state. We suppose that's what we've been wanting for our fine lines all along, we just didn't know how to put it into words. According to Orlane, the visible signs of aging skin are caused by progerin, a toxic molecule. The product reduces progerin, while causing the cells to regenerate as healthier versions of themselves. No big deal, just healing your cells and making them feel/look young again.
The product is somewhere between a serum and a cream, and contains 21 amino acids from organic iris flowers. It absorbs into the skin so you can use your regular moisturizer over it and it doesn't interfere with makeup. The photos from the clinical trials of the product are remarkable — over a period of just 30 days, the participants experienced a dramatic wrinkle improvement.
We've only been using it for a few days, but already our skin feels softer and looks a bit perkier — like we got way more sleep than we actually did and live somewhere with clean air. Now, that's what we call a miracle of science.
Orlane B21 Extraordinaire, $250, available at Orlane.

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