Apple Offers Amazing Black Friday Deals — But There's A Catch

ipadembedPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Like almost every other leading retailer, Apple is offering major Black Friday deals. However, instead of the usual direct discounts on computers, iPads, and iPhones, the tech company is going a different route this year: gift cards. With the purchase of any MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac, you can get a $150 gift card. If you buy an iPad Air, you will receive a $75 gift card. Buy an iPad Mini or iPad 2 and score a $50 gift card. These cards represent a 15% discount, which is an increase over past years when products were around 8 to 10% off.
The big catch is that the cards are only valid on physical products (like iPhones), not apps or digital content. They can be used at Apple's many retail locations or the online store. But, competitors have Apple beat. Walmart is giving away a $100 store gift card with every purchase of an iPad Air and Best Buy has discounted Apple laptops and desktops by $150 or $200. Wherever you decide to shop, if you've been wanting to upgrade your iLife, this seems the weekend to do it! (Computer World)

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