Chatroulette, Miley Cyrus, & A Yoga “Wrecking Ball” For The Internet Win

Brace yourselves, you ain't ever seen "Wrecking Ball" like this. Steve Kardynal, the maestro of Chatroulette, took to the cam-to-cam site to add his piece to the Cyrus zeitgeist. It's completely lewd and totally awesome. How one has enough time in the day to chat his way through a seemingly endless playlist of "Wrecking Ball" is both impressive and slightly unnerving. Were his ears ringing? Did Miley Cyrus, at one point, become white noise and his cyber audience's applause become his raison d'être? Perhaps. There has to be some sort of outer-body experience happening when a full-grown bearded man dons white panties and a tank top to lick a sledge hammer. Imagine how transcendental Kardynal must've felt when the naked climax of the song hit and he swung from a yoga ball! That's pop-cultural enlightenment right there, y'all.
Watch, marvel, and bask in the video below. It's humorous, yes, but it also shows how much the power of Miley Cyrus compels us. She makes grown men shamelessly lip-sync pop tunes (air guitars optional).

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