Social Media Plagiarist? That Might Just Land You Your Dream Job…

After repeatedly being told that social media is the root of all FOMO-related evil, you’ll be pleased to know that your next retweet, regram or repin could take you one step closer to that dream job.

In an article for
digital strategist and entrepreneurial writer, Alexis Grant, extols the virtues of sharing other people’s content to increase an individual's social media presence, and what that conveys to potential employers.

Grant explains that by sharing interesting and specialist content curated by others, you’re letting your virtual following know that you’re a master of your field, with your finger firmly on the industry pulse. The innovation that comes from simply using various social media tools could help cement your forward-thinking status, whilst your willingness to open up channels of information to others could help build a strong network of “thought leaders” whose work you're helping spread across channels.
Nothing could possibly be worse in an interview than not knowing who the major players are in your area of interest. But, Grant argues, effective use of social media could overcome this, by exposing you to new and established leaders, further strengthening your knowledge and helping build a strong online following along with crucial industry connections.
So, whether its fashion, art, politics, or heck — even a round-the-world discussion on history, consider Grant’s pearls of wisdom next time you take to Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. You never know, that next inbox alert might just be the career proposal you were waiting for. (Mashable)

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