A “Fat Tax” For A Wax At A London Salon? NOT Cool

mm_bubblesPHoto: Via MM Bubbles Facebook.
Let's face it, gals. Having your legs and, ahem, other sensitive regions waxed is no picnic. But, being charged extra for the "pleasure," because you've put on a few pounds? It's enough to send you straight to the drugstore for a razor.
As such, ladies in London should avoid darkening the doorway of MM Bubbles in South Kensington. The waxing salon is being accused of discriminating against fuller-figured customers by charging them a "fat tax" based on their dress size. We so wish that we were making this up.
While a standard leg wax is typically priced at £21 (about $34 U.S.), women who wear a U.K. size 12 or above must pay an additional £5 (or $8). If you're a U.K. size 18 or higher, it's an extra £10 ($16) being tacked onto your bill. Oh, and for anyone wondering, the average British woman wears a size 16.
According to a plus-size model sent in to investigate the extra fees, the salon owner insists the "fat tax" covers whatever additional supplies she must use to accommodate a larger leg. "I know maybe for you it is not very nice, but I use more stuff," the owner reportedly told the model.
Ick. We think we know what she can do with all the extra wax that she's surely stockpiling after pissing an entire gender off. (The Sun)

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