From Hunks To Hashtags, Here’s The App You Need To Download

Profile_Guy_Tom_335x447Photo: Courtesy of Lulu.
It’s the unbreakable rule of the sisterhood: You don’t date your best friend’s ex. But, that may just be turned on its head, thanks to Lulu, the free app that lets women honestly review men they know. Whether that means indulging in a bitter rant to warn other girls, or singing high praise for the chivalrous hunk who works in finance, we don’t know.
Founded by law graduate Alexandra Chong after a boozy lunch that lasted six hours, with bad relationships as the topic of choice, Lulu pitches itself as a “private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly.”
As The New York Times reveals, the app allows women to rate men who are their Facebook friends in different categories – ex-boyfriend, relative, hookup, crush, or friend – using a multiple question quiz. Reviews can also be created for each guy, accompanied by amusing hashtag descriptions. But the best bit? Other girls can read these reviews, too.
Is the cuddly-sounding Lulu suddenly starting to seem a little dangerous? Although the freedom the app gives its users could turn things ugly, it professes not to be a boyfriend-bashing device, much like it may seem. Promising to protect the men in the midst of this app frenzy, Lulu aims not to create a bitter girlfriend cult, but rather an open dialogue about experiences between women. The app's website explains that men can access their Lulu profiles, and even request to have a profile they’re unhappy with removed. Surely, this gives them some of the power back, right?
We certainly can’t think of anything better than a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons of a potential date or ex-partner with girlfriends. But, taking such a private moment between friends and amplifying it the way Lulu has done could spell trouble. After all, is an honest review of your hookup an insight, or character assassination? You decide. (The New York Times)

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