Knock 'Em Dead: 7 Party-Perfect Looks

Nothing gets our bells jingling more than an irresistible look that only takes a bit of makeup to create — especially this time of year when invitations are hitting our inboxes more frequently than spam. But, just because you're not pulling out your glitter box, doesn't mean you're left with your humdrum smoky-eye palette.
Oh, no. We don't know about you, but we're sick of resorting to the ol' one-two smoky punch for every social event on our iCal. So, this season, we called in the big guns, a.k.a. makeup artist Tiffany Patton, to not only create seven seriously dramatic new looks that are sure to stun, but to do 'em all with the same five products — because who isn't penny-pinching during this gift-giving season?
Ahead, meet your festive look without the sparkly mess. And, with less than five products for each look, you can finally fit all your touchup go-tos in that tiny clutch.

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