Andy Cohen Bottled Lady Gaga’s Urine, Apparently

Andy Cohen, host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to discuss his experiences with some of the most powerful women in entertainment, including Oprah and Cher. But, it was Lady Gaga who made the most lasting impression on the host. Cohen recalled a recent, mid-November appearance on his show during which Gaga, for reasons that neither of them have adequately explained, decided to urinate in a trash can in her dressing area.
She was apologetic, but Cohen wasn't, uh, peeved. "She's a superstar. She can pee wherever she wants," he told Fallon.
After the singer left, Cohen and his team decided that Gaga's misplaced micturition was something of a "pop culture artifact" (Cohen's words) and chose to preserve it with alcohol, then bottle it as a perfume. L'eau de Gaga, in the most literal sense.
Would Cohen have chased after Justin Bieber's infamous mop bucket, too? Would his piss be considered as rarefied? Maybe.
That also raises the question of the value of human waste in general. A Google search for "buy celebrity urine" yielded no worthwhile results, alas, but that doesn't mean the market isn't there.
Perhaps Brandon Cronenberg, son of the great Canadian director, was on to something with his film about people who want to catch the same diseases as celebrities. Bottled pee is but a stepping stone. (Jimmy Fallon)

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