The $95 Eye Mask That Makes Your Dreams Come True. Literally

Eyemask1Photo: Courtesy of Remee.
We all know that startling feeling, when you wake from a dream and sadly realize it was just that – a dream. Although the same can’t be said for nightmares, there’s a new gadget in town that’ll let you relive, almost control, those nocturnal adventures. Well, sort of.
With an aim to bring the practice of lucid dreaming – knowing you’re dreaming during a dream - to the masses, Steve McGuigan, co-founder of Brooklyn-based Bitbanger Labs, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Remee, a sleep mask that notifies the wearer they are dreaming by flashing a series of light patterns during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. All this gadgetry sound a bit gaga? Read on.
Although it isn't possible to “control” your dreams per se, through lucid dreaming, the $95, feather-light Remee sleep mask aims to enhance our subconscious creative activity, in turn making us aware of our dreams. Does this mean that while catching 40 winks it’s possible for us to become Beyoncé, otherworldly vocals and all?
Having conceived the idea of Remee whilst on a camping trip with creative partner Duncan Frazier, McGuigan told Mashable: “We’d known each other for 20 years, but lucid dreaming is not generally the type of thing that you talk about. People tend to think it’s weird.” We second that.
Prefer to keep your shut-eye expeditions for after bedtime? Or would you rather know when you’re dancing with Ryan Gosling in a public toilet, surrounded by pirouetting swans and Natalie Portman as your mum? We didn’t dream that. Promise. (Mashable)

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