What Watching Modern Family Says About Your Bank Account

MFembedPhoto: Courtesy of ABC.
Who doesn't love Modern Family? From Cam and Mitch's hilarious antics to the lovable Manny, the show's characters are hard to resist. There's no doubt the comedy can make anyone laugh, but new research reveals that viewers of the show have one thing in common: affluence.
According to The Wrap's analysis of Nielsen data, viewers of Modern Family are the richest of network-television watchers, with the average viewer raking in just over $81,000. Parks and Recreation and The Amazing Race were dubbed the second and third "richest" TV shows. At the other end of the spectrum is Fox's animated show Bob's Burgers. Compared to all other network television shows, viewers of Bob's Burgers have the lowest median income: $48,000.
The results are a bit perplexing to us. Considering Modern Family's 18 Emmy Award wins, you'd think its viewers would span across all classes. But, maybe it's just that a cartoon about a burger flipper and his family doesn't appeal to the wealthy. (SplitSider)

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