Hump, Marry, Kill: It Was a Great Week To Be Erin Heatherton

HMK_1115_bodPhoto: Courtesy of FX; Andi Osho; TBS.
Hump: The League has really become a sort of training camp for models looking to make the leap off the runway and into the world of “acting.” Well, as much as someone who is extraordinarily good-looking to the point where their physical beauty actually manages to break the fourth wall can pretend to be a different person. They're too attractive and superhuman to appear in a regular sitcom capacity, so it makes perfect sense to slot them into a show targeted to hit all male pleasure principles. The characters can acknowledge how hot she is for a supposed layperson, and the audience is in on the joke.
This week, it was Erin Heatherton’s turn to play a plebe — specifically, a terrifying girls basketball coach. Tie her pretty decent turn as a crazy-scary suburban gym teacher with her multiple skimpy outfits at the VS Fashion Show (some Angels only get to make one or two trips up and down the glitterway), and she pretty much won the whole damn week.
Marry: I have a new girl crush, and her name is Andi Osho. She was on @midnight this week, and if I have anything to say about it**, she’ll be the next Melissa McCarthy or Kristen Wiig.
** Spoiler alert: I don’t actually have any say in Hollywood. Sad face emoji.
Kill: Putting aside the fact that it’s a multi-cam Bill Lawrence show (read: Chuck Lorre-levels of joke-setup-punchline-laugh-track broad humor), and John C. McGinley is basically playing the exact same character he did in Scrubs, I just don’t get the premise of Ground Floor. I mean, I get it — it’s sort of an upstairs-downstairs thing, but with finance-tech bros being upstairs, and “building support” being the downstairs class. They may be less educated, but damn, do they know how to let loose in a way those upper-floor folks only wish they could.
Clearly the dreamy Brody (Skylar Astin — here playing exactly what I assume his Pitch Perfect and 21 & Over characters will grow up to become) and Jenny (Briga Heelan), the sitcom version of a manic pixie dream girl, will overcome their building verticality differences and teach each other how to let loose/get it together (respectively). It’s okay that the premise is eh; Astin can just croon a little bit of “Your Song” in his lovely baritone, and everyone watching will be like, “Sold!”
The supporting characters are where Ground Floor really starts to crumble. Rory Scovel is basically playing an amalgam of Moss and Roy from The IT Crowd — a funnier and more clever execution of the upstairs-downstairs strata within modern-day companies concept. Alexis Knapp, who starred in Pitch Perfect as Stacie (the girl who refers to her vagina as “a hunter”) is the weakest link, though. She emerges at random moments, shouting something about being out all night, but I think she might just be there to make Jenny’s clothes look a little less tight and revealing by comparison.

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