Subway Napping: An Experiment

Though we will never understand the logic of the pole leaners, we totally empathize with the person who succumbs to a quick snooze on the subway. We, too, know the challenge of staying awake for your morning commute — especially when you're in a snuggly winter jacket and you actually get a seat during rush hour. And, on more than one occasion, we've seen someone dangerously close to resting their weary heads on our shoulders. We may even be guilty ourselves.
After an image of a man named Isaac, who allowed a subway stranger to sleep on his shoulder, went viral, philanthropic site Charidy wanted to see if they could elicit that same kindness underground. Initially, the experiment brought out some alarmed reactions, but eventually, something amazing started to happen. We'd like to say that we'd be alright with helping a fellow commuter out when they're in desperate need of a nap, and this video certainly has us inspired. Finally, evidence that New Yorkers don't always live up to our cold-hearted reputations. Just no drooling, please.(Mashable)

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