What’s Going On With This Lucky Mag Cover?

We're not going to say that Kerry Washington looks bad. God, can you imagine? Can you even imagine the lip quiver? First of all, it would be false. It's not that she looks unattractive on this cover of Lucky. It's just that she doesn't look quite human. Something's not right.
We honestly can't put a finger on it. Though, we will openly and boldly question the scarf, which appears to have been borrowed from a matching strapless prom dress set circa 1999. Very unfortunate. And, we're not huge fans of that spider-model pose, either.
But, those forgivable transgressions aside, there is some Photoshop fail involved here. Her under-eyes have been brushed into a weird oblivion, and the glimmer of light reflecting back out of her big, beautiful eyes looks vaguely vampiric. But, more than anything, this just seems like some less-than-lovely styling and an attempt to push her in the direction of edgy — and a poseur is one thing Ms. Washington does not need to be, now or ever. We're all for her pushing boundaries; she has done it with her red-carpet outfits as well as with her acting, but this is just...weird. We really don't know how else to put it.
Hit the slideshow to check out the cover, plus five more photos to remind you that yes, Kerry Washington is a beautiful angel person.

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