Finally! An Easy Way To See Who You Stalk On Facebook

Isn't it kind of eerie how we always end up spying the same handful of people on our Facebook feeds? Think that’s by chance? Nope, there’s a formulaic reason as to why you frequently interact with, or let’s be real stalk, friends at the top of your feeds. And, if you've ever wondered how the tech giant ranks and places these friends in the forefront, there is a now a way to get the nitty-gritty on who you’re obsessed with. According to The Next Web, this detailed and easy-to-use script created by coding whiz Arjun Seedharan may just change your life (no, we’re not exaggerating).
It’s simple. All you do is drag and drop the link in the article to your bookmark bar, log into Facebook and click on said bookmark, and then you'll see a list populate of your Facebook friends’ ranking score. Voilà! Stalking decoded. Seriously, give it a whirl. It's pretty dead on. (The Next Web)
openerPhoto: Via The Next Web.

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