Miley Cyrus, Shocking Person, Smoked Weed Onstage At The EMAs

As a person who doesn't set out to be a topic of conversation or cause the populace to mildly clutch their beads, Miley Cyrus made the sensible decision to show up at an awards show last night to smoke some weed. Of course, the EMAs, or European Music Awards, were held in Amsterdam, where marijuana is tolerated, so she wasn't breaking any serious laws. When she went to accept her award for Best Video, in a very Brigitte Nielsen-esque getup, she quipped, "I couldn't fit this award in my bag, but I did find this," and then pulled out a joint and proceeded to light up onstage. And, the world around her stopped: Jaws collectively dropped, the Earth briefly slowed its rotation, the last remaining corgis passed out because of shock. Has anyone ever done something so risqué before?
While some may argue this is another example of Cyrus trying to be watercooler fodder, she would probably say she's just "being Miley." And, smoking weed, after all, is kind of her thing.
The real controversy, it appears, isn't just that the pop star exposed an already-known fact about herself onstage, but that MTV, in order to protect our delicate American sensibilities, edited the moment out. You can still see the illicit footage on YouTube, but it will imminently be taken down, which is too bad. How else will we be able to watch highly publicized, slightly banal teenage rebellion play out on an international stage?
tumblr_mw2jtgqo5q1r3fv6wo1_250(1)Photo: Via MTV.

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