Designers Dream Up The iPhone Air And — Surprise! It's Skinnier

A thinner tablet isn't enough? The new, slimmed iPad Air just hit stores last week, but designers are already cooking up concepts for new Apple products. This one comes courtesy of Fuse Chicken, makers of a peripheral iPhone stand that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. In an effort to raise awareness of just what its design teams can do, the company released this iPhone Air mockup. Fuse Chicken's concept increases the overall screen size but not the size of the phone itself. Like the iPad Air, its iPhone loses some of its predecessor's thickness. Its bezel shrinks to accommodate the larger screen.
Of course, engineering a device like this is a different story. Every year, designers come up with dozens of these kinds of concepts — some ridiculous, some not — but outsides are easy to imagine. Making all of the necessary guts fit neatly inside a phone or tablet, while also keeping the exterior functional and beautiful, is what Apple is truly great at. Should we expect a thinner iPhone next year? Sure. But will it look like this? (SFGate)

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