This Is How Lady Gaga Does A Grill

GAGA-mainPhoto: Via Twitter/@LadyGaga
Lady Gaga, you have been on a roll of weird, and to be honest, it is kind of hard to turn away. For each song released off of Art Pop, the singer has debuted a strangely evocative and rather naked piece of accompanying art.
For her last song, called "Dope," Gaga pulls a surrealist move and looks like a nightmarish member of Gorillaz, wearing an oversized jacket and horrendous, terrifying teeth. Which, of course, makes sense, because Lady Gaga isn't going to do your average work-a-day grill, but instead something from a horror movie or, at least, a bad acid trip. She is also covered in scars and bruises, but it is unclear if this is related to the title of the song or the fact that she is turning into a caricature instead of being an actual person.
You know, it's exciting. The Gaga Show and all of its accoutrements are overblown, derivative, and totally absurd. But, it is exciting. It is something to look at, a spectacle, and a weird deviation from the processed pop of today. So, get your creepy cartoon grill, girl. Get it, and don't stop.

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