What Does Your Borough Say About Your Taste In Music?

We all have our stereotypes about NYC's five boroughs, but this morning the New York Post hit us with some quantitative data that just might prove some of those suspicions. Over the past 30 days, Spotify has been tracking each of the borough's top-played tracks, and the results aren't that surprising.
Brooklyn revealed its affinity for indie music, with Haim, Arcade Fire, and Lorde providing three of the top five played tracks in the hip borough. Manhattan's music listeners are drawn to pop music, with John Mayer and Katy Perry tracks rounding out the top 10 most played tunes. The Bronx has a flair for Latin music, Staten Island is all about One Direction, and Queens listeners reflect the most eclectic taste, featuring songs from Kanye, Haim, and Bad Finger in their top five. Consider it your weekend challenge to mix up your party playlist with something a little less predictable, and click on to view the full borough rundown. (NY Post)
embedhaimPhoto: via NY Post.

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