Heidi Klum Is One Hot Old Lady — For Halloween, Of Course

heidi1Photo: D. DaSilva/REX USA.
In case you didn't know, Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween — a Hallow-Queen, if we may be so bold. She's been everything from a Neanderthal to a towering robot to a Hindu goddess complete with multiple heads. Trying to guess what the supermodel will don each year is as easy as figuring out who's going to win the lottery (yes, there are people who do this, and no, we've learned to just be patient).
And, what a gem awaited us! Klum's 2013 costume might look less outrageous than those of yesteryear, but it's still as immaculate as ever. The supermodel transformed herself into an old woman, complete with varicose veins and age spots. It was an eerie, back-to-the-future kind of moment that only Klum could pull off. She teased her transformation throughout the day via Instagram, showing the world just how much effort goes into aging a youthful star. The guise's final touches came with a walking cane, pearls, wispy hair, and (designer) clothes that somewhat resembled couch upholstery. It was a casual approach that put an emphasis on the details rather than the overt shock value.
Bravo, Heidi, bravo. She's truly outdone herself with this one and left us scratching our heads over how all that makeup stayed on over the course of the evening. Maybe she's just born with it, or maybe it's Maybel — oh, you get the picture. (Fox)

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