16 Supermodel-Approved Workouts

It's easy to feel envious of supermodels, what with their washboard abs and perfectly toned gams. And, while some might attribute their physiques to a limited diet of cigarettes and Champagne — or the gift of incredibly good genes — the truth of the matter is that many of these ladies work extremely hard to keep their bodies, well, extremely hard. Newsflash: Models have to exercise, too.
Don't believe us? We stalked Instagram to find 16 top models demonstrating how they like to stay active. It's clear these gorgeous women are game for anything — from Pilates to SoulCycle and even a little tap dancing — to keep their workouts new and exciting. And, while most of us aren't practicing our yoga moves on private yachts — we're looking at you, Naomi Campbell — these dynamite and diverse workouts aren't just for fashion icons. There's no excuse not to try these at home. Get ready to feel the burn.

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